Innovating in the energy and chemistry sectors? Use our InnovatieAtlas. Contact more than 200 innovation partners for housing, pilot sites, technical knowledge and networking. You can also search on the map.

Network of innovative activity

The InnovatieAtlas offers more than a national overview of businesses. Businesses that are connected to the atlas, together form a unique network of innovative activity in the biobased economy, chemical and energy sectors. It is precisely these businesses that will be making a difference in our future sustainable economy.

Enhancing and expanding

InnovatieLink in this way offers these SMEs interesting opportunities to accelerate and enhance their innovation process. Our range of services include webinars on topical innovation subjects, participation in interactive activities, inclusion in our (online) coverage of news and events and acting as a sparring partner for exposure and knowledge sharing. Additionally, you can approach one of our innovation managers right away, for practical support for your innovation concerns.


InnovatieTour is an initiative of InnovatieLink to introduce entrepreneurs in an inspiring way into hotspots in the Netherlands for innovative activity in the chemical industry. In this way, innovation laboratories (iLABs) and Centres for Open Chemical innovations (COCis) show which facilities, services and networks their locations can provide, in order to be of the best possible service to the entrepreneur. In addition, innovative entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other start-ups and growing businesses in the chemical and energy industries.