Vision and Mission

SMEs play an important role in innovation. Innovations which are necessary to change the Netherlands into a sustainable society. In the existing maze of funding schemes and partnerships it can be a challenge for SMEs to realize their innovation ambitions. InnovatieLink helps SMEs in the energy and biobased sectors with their questions and problems on their way from concept to market. With clear, practical support, with an Innovation Atlas (InnovatieAtlas) and a Funding Atlas (FinancieringsAtlas) we offer a useful insight into networks and funding.

We match demand and supply in innovation. With this InnovatieLink lives up to its mission: a healthy innovation climate in the energy and biobased sectors.


Which technologies occupy our interest?

InnovatieLink encourages the technologies that are part of the Top Sector Policy of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In practice these technologies often include a wide range of SMEs and knowledge institutions. An example is the development of heating technology, in which not just the design and manufacture of new devices are of importance, but as well the installation thereof in homes, offices and other buildings by installers. Basically, the technologies from the Top Sector energy do give direction to InnovatieLink, but do not limit us in supporting SMEs.

Wanting to learn more about the technologies we support?
Find more information on the  Top Sector Energy and on technology in the energy industry.



Our partners in innovation