Offshore Wind Innovators is pleased to invite you for its annual Network Event. During this event they will focus on international cooperation to face offshore wind challenges. And the winner of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge will be announced!

The offshore wind industry is one of the most international oriented and game changing sectors you can imagine. So are the challenges the industry has to deal with. How can we, in this international context, link the companies in need of a solution and the innovative entrepreneurs who are working on these issues? And how can you cooperate successfully without loosing your intellectual property? Questions Offshore Innovators is trying to answer with the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.

In their annual Network Event Offshore Wind Innovators will focus on international cooperation. In addition to an inspiring keynote speaker, the winner of the Innovation Challenge is announced. Both the challenger and the finalists are from abroad.

All business partners and community members are invited to join this Network Event. In addition to a poster presentation, the finalists will pitch their innovations for their Business Partner, jury and a public audience.

Programme 12 September – 15:30 – 18:00

15:30 Doors open

15:45 Welcome by Erwin Coolen

15:50 Keynote: Reinder Jorritsma, project developer at DOT offshore wind turbine installation

16:05 Why this Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge?

16:15 Presentations & pitches by the finalists

  • The two Challenges from Deutsche Wind Technik
  • Presentation & Solutions by the final SME candidates.

17:15 Upcoming activities of the Offshore Wind Innovators community

17:30 Announcement Winner Offshore Innovation Challenge 2018

17:40 Drinks & networking

Event location

De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy)
Raam 180
2611 WP Delft

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